Why Choose Us?

The Fix PR is the largest cell phone, tablet, computer repair shop. Skilled and experienced technicians at The Fix PR diagnosis the problem first and then replace or repair the damaged part. We have a vast range of parts in stock of original quality which saves your much time. We repair all models of cell phone, tablets and computer.


  • Diagnosis
  • Repair & Replacement
  • Testing
  • Delivery

Firstly our technician does free diagnosis of your damaged device and discover the defects in your device. We do not charge anything for diagnostic process. The Fix PR is your one stop shop for your quick, reliable phone repair and protection. We test whole hardware system of your device which covers all the major faults in your device.

After diagnosing your damaged device our technicians do repairing process for the defect in the device and if the defect is impossible to rectify or repair then our technicians replace the defect parts in your cell phone, tablet or computer. We store only high quality original products for replacing your damaged part.

After repairing or replacing your device’s damaged part our technicians tests your device fully with high quality testing tools which tests your device thoroughly. Our team is dedicated to provide you high class quality repair service for any kind of mobile device. We make sure that you get back full functioning device as new one.

We hand over your device to you once it is fully tested and is in 100% working condition. We provide all the repair service at much affordable price which comes under your budget than other repairers outside. We believe in getting happy and satisfied customers so we deliver high quality service at The Fix PR.